CCG and AL

Manufacturers of Cataclean, System Products (UK) Ltd, announce the formation of a separate sales company, Cataclean Global Ltd. Cataclean Global Ltd will have exclusive rights for sale of the product in the UK and Europe and be headed up by new director Alasdair Lawson.

According to Alasdair; "Cataclean Global will be pushing the product to new markets both domestically and overseas. We have a world class offering and we've now got the packaging and marketing material to match the quality of our product. The opportunities for this company are massive over the coming months and years"

Packaging and POS

Cataclean Global Ltd today announced the completion of their joint re-branding project with manufacturer System Products (UK) Ltd. New look aluminium bottles and logos are complimented by all new marketing and POS materials giving the brand the prestigious image that this market leading product deserves.

Hugh Collins, director of System Products (UK) Ltd said; "After a lengthy research and development period we are now ready to go live with our new packaging. The aluminium packaging and newly developed point of sale material will reflect the quality of Cataclean and portray the image that the product deserves in the retail market place"